Yoga Jerusalem center

An established and professional studio, one of the best in Jerusalem, for people who wish to strengthen their bodies and stabilize their spirits.

Regular yoga exercise reconnects you to your body and restores your energy

After a few sessions, you will feel your body growing stronger, suppler, and more balanced, and you will witness an improvement in your ability to move, breathe, and think.

One of the oldest studios in Jerusalem.
The sessions emphasize strengthening the body and improving suppleness.
During the sessions, the various yoga postures “flow” into each other.
The instructor pays attention to the individual needs of each participant, to enable him/her to maximize his/her potential.
At the end of the session, there is a brief, refreshing relaxation, letting the participants resume their daily activities with renewed vigor.

Yoga for men

This group is an excellent exercise opportunity for observant Jewish men.

Private yoga sessions

By prior arrangement, you can have a private session in your home, choosing your own date and time. These private sessions are adapted to your level, and you can focus on unique exercises, depending on your needs and long-term improvement rate.

Yoga at your workplace

You can arrange a regular yoga session at your workplace By exercising together, the employees are reinvigorated for a new workday, receiving a boost of new energy. The yoga fosters a team spirit and encourages the participants to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

A free trial session

You are invited to a free trial

Monthly subscription

You can purchase a monthly subscription that allows flexibility in training times

You can arrange a free trial session in advance

Eli Rose

Practicing yoga for thirty years
At the age of 22, as I was searching for the meaning of my life, I found myself practicing yoga in Rishikesh.
I would like to make you feel the intensity of the experience I underwent there.
For thirty years, I have been practicing yoga, learning and teaching.
I believe that yoga gives us an opportunity for physical development in a world where, all too often, we tend to forget the body.
Besides, the physical postures refresh our thought processes, helping us shake off our weariness.
During a yoga session, I become filled with new energy, creativity, and optimism.
Each session is approximately 90 minutes long, and it is full of movement and energy.
It enables the participants to reconnect with their bodies, think and feel differently.
The instruction during the sessions is attuned to the participants’ abilities, setting appropriate goals and emphasizing personal progress.

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